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This week we're joined by an unsung hero of Bond, Nikki Van Der Zyl. As a voice artist she provided the voice of some of the most iconic Bond girls of all time from Honey Ryder (...and yes that is Nikki singing Underneath the Mango Tree), to Shirley Eaton's Jill Masterson,  and Thunderball's Domino. The list doesn't end there either. Nikki was involved in a total of 10 Bond films with Moonraker being her last. 

This is another behind the scenes interview with someone who was there from the very beginning of the cinematic Bond. You'll hear tales of hanging out on set with Gert Frobe during the filming of Goldfinger, you'll hear how she revoiced the entire female cast of Dr. No (with the exception of Moneypenny and Miss Taro) and maybe...just maybe you might even hear Nikki performing a line of Bond girl dialogue too. 

Enjoy :-)

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