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Merry Christmas everybody!

We're rounding out the year with our comprehensive James Bond 007 quiz bonanza. We're going to test your knowledge of all 6 Bonds, plus look at the music, the books and even an entire round dedicated to guessing quotes. It doesn't get any better than this everybody!

We'll be looking at the latest spoiler-free SPECTRE (Bond 24) news, including the Sony hack. We'll be talking Dr. Evil's comeback and a host of other Bondian bits n bobs. 

Get your pen and paper at the ready, it's time for the Big James Bond Boxing Day Quiz 2014!


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Bond 24 is: SPECTRE. After the amazing press event on December 4th, we've put together a super special emergency episode almost a week earlier than scheduled to discuss the news. Along with our thoughts about the title and cast announcement, we've included interviews with the cast members, calls from our listeners and an interview with noted Bond scholar Ajay Chowdury.

If you're pumped at the recent announcement, this is the show where you can find out even more about SPECTRE. Whether you're interested in the Aston Martin DB10, Christoph Waltz, Dave Bautista, Lea Seydoux, Monica Belluci, Ralph Fiennes, Sam Mendes, Rory Kinnear, Naomi Harris, Ben Whishaw, Andrew Scott or Daniel Craig, we talk it over in this episode of James Bond Radio.

It's an amazing time to be a Bond fan, ladies and gentleman!

Warning: If you're looking to avoid potential spoiler talk, we urge you to turn back now! This episode is festooned with more rumours, ideas and plot speculations than you could shake a Martini at. Obviously, at this point they are just rumours but if you want to go into Bond 24 completely blind, then it's probably best to give this one a miss!

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It’s that time again. Thursday December 4th 2014, will bring the announcement of the title and cast of Bond 24. The live cast direct from Pinewood Studios will be taking place at 11am GMT sharp, so make sure you’re here to witness it first hand.

Both Chris and I will be on JamesBondRadio.com posting comments below the video as the news is released and we’d love it if you’d join in the discussion too.

Here's the link...


This is it guys, Bond history in the making!

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This week, we conclude our Connery coverage on James Bond Radio. After reviewing every movie from Dr. No to Never Say Never Again we continue our previous episodes efforts to rank and rate some of Sean's finest moments as everyone's favourite spy.

In addition, we hear our second on location report from JBR listener Matthew Grice, who recently had the pleasure of meeting new Young Bond author, Steve Cole. 

You may notice a slight dip in audio quality this week as Tom is currently recording from a remote island in Thailand, without his usual recording setup. You might know the place? There's a funny mushroom shaped rock and a little fella running around in a bowler hat too!


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Now we've discussed, reviewed and rated all 7 Sean Connery Bond films, we take some time out to look over Connery's career as James Bond. We look at everything from the best to worst M scenes, the best one liners, the best pre-title sequences and plenty more. 

Also, we hear our first on location report from Septembers From Sweden, With Love event, where JBR listener Caspar Ingels tells us all about his meetings with Robert David, Kristina Wayborn, John Glen and many others. There are some great stories you'll absolutely love!

Along with the usual Bond banter, trivia and quotes, we also take a look at the latest Bond 24 news with Christoph Waltz's casting. 

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This week we're saying goodbye to Sean Connery's Bond with our review of Diamonds Are Forever. We go scene by scene and discuss everything from Sean's wobbly leg in the gunbarrell to Mr. Wint's eye watering demise.

Alongside the film review, we've got listener quotes, the answer to our last episode's Fawlty Towers/Bond trivia question, discussion about what a Christopher Nolan directed Bond might be like and an intriguing new listener question about a movie written by Ian Fleming that we never knew existed!

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In light of the recent passings of iconic Bond henchmen Richard Kiel, Gottfried John and Geoffrey Holder, we're back with our tribute episode to The Henchmen of Bond. We go right back to where it all started with Dr. No, go all the way through to Skyfall and even look at the recent revelations about Dave Bautista and Bond 24. 

 Also hear an awesome listener story involving a chance meeting with Pierce Brosnan, some great listener submitted trivia and all the usual Bond fun and frolics!

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We're back with the concluding episode of our Scores of Bond coverage. This time we go from For Your Eyes Only all the way through to Skyfall. We talk about all the remaining 007 composers including Bill Conti, Michael Kamen, Eric Serra, David Arnold, Thomas Newman and of course more John Barry.

 Also hear all about Tom's controversial choice for Bond #7. Hear our thoughts on the "Mark Strong as Blofeld rumours" and more of the usual Bond banter.

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This week we go behind the scenes of On Her Majesty's Secret Service with author Charles Helfenstein. As the author behind seminal book 'The Making of On Her Majesty's Secret Service,' Charles has a unique insight into the movie. In today's episode he busts some prominent myths, exposes some amazing truths and tells a ton of jaw dropping stories about the Bond movie that divides opinion more than any other.

This is another 2.5 hour epic, so sit back and enjoy with a glass of your favourite tipple...Royal Hennessy of course!

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It's Lazenby time, baby! So in our longest episode so far, which spookily matches the running time of the movie down to the minute, we explore the Bond film that has divided the opinion of Bond fans since it came out back in '69.

We go through the film scene by scene, discuss the 'what ifs,' the alternate ending that never happened and more.

Also, we run through the usual gauntlet of Bond 24 news, trivia and quotes, and last but not least an intruiging idea on how you could update and reboot the literary Bond post-Boyd!

If you only ever listen to one episode of James Bond Radio, make sure it's this one!

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This week we take a look at the scores of Bond. We're going to look at the work of every composer from Dr. No to Moonraker, including John Barry, Monty Norman, George Martin and Marvin Hamlisch. We'll be saving the songs of Bond for another episode. This is all about the orchestral score.  

This is an epic 2.5 hour episode (our longest yet), so be sure to crank up the volume, kick back and enjoy!

We'll be back next week with our review of On Her Majesty's Secret Service! 

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It's time to learn all about Jamaica and it's influence on Ian Fleming and James Bond. On today's show we're joined by Matthew Parker, the author of "Goldeneye: Where Bond Was Born: Ian Fleming's Jamaica."

We hear all about how Jamaica was THE place to be in the 1950s, it's hedonistic party scene, and some intruiging thoughts on how pirates were a big influence on Fleming.

The book comes out on Thursday August 13th, so be sure to grab your copy.

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It's time for our very first in-depth book review. On today's show, we're talking about the latest James Bond continuation novel 'Solo' by William Boyd. In our usual movie review style, we take it through scene by scene, or should we say, chapter by chapter and pick apart the details. Be sure to tune in to catch our verdict. Do we think it's better than Devil May Care? Do we think it outshines Carte Blanche? Find out in the latest episode of James Bond Radio.

Also, we discuss the latest Bond 24 news, with some interesting tidbits and Tom reveals the secret formula hidden within all the Daniel Craig Bond songs.

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Catching Bullets: Memoirs of a Bond fan author, Mark O'Connell joins us on today's show to talk about his love for everyone's favourite spy. Not only is Mark a dedicated Bondophile, he also has an intriguing link to the world of Bond. His grandfather, Jimmy O'Connell, used to work as Cubby Broccoli's chaffeur, driving the legendary 'Cub 1' Rolls Royce. As a result, Mark has a unique and interesting window into the world of James Bond. 

Also on today's show, Tom tells all about his recent trip to Pinewood Studios for The Living Daylights reunion, Chris professes his love for Lee Tamahori (not really) and more of the usual Bond banter!  

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It's time to review Sean Connery's penultimate official Bond film, You Only Live Twice, the very first Bond movie to break away from the original story written by Ian Fleming.

 This film tends to divide opinion amongst the Bond community. Some say it's way too over the top, others say it's a stone cold classic. Find out what we think in today's episode of James Bond Radio.

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We meet James Bond royalty on today's episode of James Bond Radio. We interview Oscar winning sound effects editor; Norman Wanstall. Not only was he there at the birth of the cinematic Bond with his work on Dr. No, he also worked on every single Sean Connery Bond except Diamonds Are Forever and yes, that does include Never Say Never Again.

Alongside being the first ever Oscar winner for a Bond movie (he won best sound effects for Goldfinger), he also has some of the most interesting behind the scenes stories we've ever heard. Have you ever wondered what ingredients went into the 'woosh' of Oddjob's hat? Maybe you'd like to hear exactly how to create the impact of a Vulcan bomber crash landing into the ocean? You'll be blown away by the level of creativity involved in making the sound effects on those early Bond films.

So, sit back and enjoy the latest episode of James Bond Radio. Thanks to Norman, this is one of the best installments yet!

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Today, we conclude our Thunderball coverage with our review of Never Say Never Again. After covering Thunderball itself and our interviews with Robert Sellers and Sylvan Mason, we round it all out with a review of the "other" Bond film.

Find out our thoughts on everything from the production value, to the dialogue, to Connery himself. We also go over other fine Bondian talking points, including the origins of 90s animated series James Bond Jr, the latest casting rumours for Bond 24 and the Bond who might have been; Stanley Baker.

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With today's episode we hit the mother load. To follow up our last "Battle for Bond" podcast with author Robert Sellers, we're interviewing Sylvan Mason, the daughter of snubbed Thunderball screenwriter Jack Whittingham.

Words cannot describe how excited we were to actually hear the story first hand from someone who was involved and actually there at the time. Sylvan's unique perspective really does shed some light on what really happened with Thunderball. 

Not only that, we get to see Whittingham's scrapbook that follows the court battle from start to finish and see a copy of the very book, complete with hand written annotations that Kevin McClory's lawyer used in the case. 

Another episode you just cannot miss!

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On today's show we interview the author of 'The Battle for Bond,' Robert Sellers. We talk all about the Kevin McClory debacle, from what might have happened had Alfred Hitchcock agreed to direct, to the real choices Fleming made for who should play Bond. Discover who came up with the original idea for Thunderball (it wasn't Fleming) and find out who was the guilty party in the plagiarism case!

Get ready for a 2 hour epic...though be warned, you might just come away with a different opinion of Ian Fleming after you hear today's episode.


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On today's show, we talk to James Bond author Raymond Benson. In our first celebrity interview, we hear all about the process behind writing a Bond novel, from the research, to outlining the story. We hear the incredible story behind how Raymond got the job, the amazing travel stories and his friendship with a certain Mr. Hugh Hefner. Do not miss this episode!

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Thunderball, the second most successful Bond movie of all time, after Skyfall. Today, we go in depth in an epic 2 hour episode, discussing the movie scene by scene. We reveal the long lasting mystery of what a "Thunderball" actually is, what we think about Largo's henchman Vargas and even the weird multiple cuts of Thunderball there are floating around.

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On today's episode, we talk to Hollywood supremo and 'Shaken, Not Stirred' author Aaron Cooley. We talk about his book, his work with director Joel Schumacher and of course, his love of Bond. 

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Today, we're looking at everybody's favourite gadgetmaster, Q. We pick our top 15 Bond gadgets, take a look at some real WW2 era spy gadgets and pay tribute to Desmond Llewelyn. 

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Welcome to the 007th episode of James Bond Radio. Today, we're looking at the big one, 1964's Goldfinger. This is the movie that took Bond from successful to stratospheric, bringing with it the peak of Bondmania. We go in depth on Bond, Q, Pussy, the DB5 and Gert Frobe's delightful wardrobe choices.

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Today we're looking at the BBC America/Sky Atlantic mini-series "Fleming." I think it's safe to say this show has had what many would call "mixed reviews," so we're dedicating today's episode to our thoughts. 

Do we like Dominic Cooper's portrayal? Can we distinguish the facts from fiction? Did we enjoy the show or were we found to be screaming at our TVs? Find out in today's episode of James Bond Radio!

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Here we are this week looking at Bond #2, From Russia, With Love. Many Bondsters claim this movie is the best of them all, so we go through this baby with a fine tooth comb discussing everything from Bond's sloppy skills on the Orient Express, to the sad story of Kerim Bey actor Pedro Armendariz, while also (of course) chatting about Tania's naked bottom.

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Welcome to episode 4 of James Bond Radio. In today's show, we're talking about all the Bond music that never made the cut. We hear the original recording of Goldfinger, as performed by Anthony Newley and NOT Shirley Bassey. We hear Johnny Cash's attempt at Thunderball, Alice Cooper's attempt at The Man With The Golden Gun, a solid attempt at The World Is Not Enough by British band Straw, that might be even better than the final version and many more!

We'd love it if you could spread the word about James Bond Radio whether that's tweeting/sharing/posting or good old fashioned word of mouth. 

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Episode 3 of James Bond Radio, goes right back to where it all started on the silver screen, with our review of Dr. No.

We go through the movie scene by scene, discussing everything from Honey Ryder's bikini, to our list of Dr. No related BondFacts, to just what is Dr. No doing when he peaks underneath Bond's bedsheets? Today's episode also features extracts from Chris' outraged letter to Eon Productions, after his first viewing of Quantum of Solace.

Look out for episode 4 coming next friday!

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Our inaugural episode of James Bond Radio turned out so well and received such a great response, we thought we'd release a new episode each week for a month, before switching to our regular schedule of twice monthly. 

In today's episode we're talking all about Bond 24 and beyond. We talk about what we want to see from Daniel's next outing, what we don't want to see and we revisit that age old question of who might pick up the PPK after Daniel ends his run. Also, based on the recent court case resolution, we look at whether our old friend Ernst just might rear his ugly head in the next film.

Look out for episode 3 coming next friday!

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Welcome to episode 1 of James Bond Radio. In today's episode we introduce ourselves and talk about what Bond means to us. What we love about Bond, what we don't love about Bond and everything in between.

We'd love it if you could spread the word about James Bond Radio whether that's tweeting/sharing/posting or good old fashioned word of mouth.

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