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This week we're answering listener questions, with subjects including: Our 3 most under-rated Bond films, potential future Bond girls, Bond actors swapping films, the potential darker side of Brosnan's Bond, how to introduce your mrs to Bond...and a question about Bond girls that's far too inappropriate to reproduce in text.

In addition, we hear all about the recent London JBR meet up to see The Spy Who Loved Me on the big screen and we reveal the winner of the Red Grant vs Necros Celebrity Deathmatch!

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This week we'd like to welcome Alan Tomkins to the show. An art department legend, his contribution to the Bond series stretches from Dr. No all the way to Casino Royale. If that wasn't enough for you, his film credits include The Empire Strikes Back, Saving Private Ryan, Batman Begins and many more classic films. Be sure to tune in to today's episode of JBR for some amazing on-set stories. 


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