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Merry Christmas Bond fans!

It's time for the 4th annual Big James Bond Boxing Day Bonanza Quiz. We have 100 fiendishly challenging questions to put you to the test. Will you come out 'Onatopp' of things? Take the challenge and find out!

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Merry Christmas JBR Family!

As a little Christmas Day stocking filler we thought we'd treat you to a bonus podcast featuring our recent interview with Terry Mountain and Sylvana Henriques. Recorded at a recent JBR-ONLY private screening of On Her Majesty's Secret Service, you'll hear some killer stories from their time on the film. 

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The Music of Bond is back with a look what many consider to be John Barry's finest work: On Her Majesty's Secret Service.

We talk about the history of the score, the key decision to go with an instrumental track instead of a vocal for the main theme, and go deep on Louis Armstrong's, We Have All The Time In The World. 

As usual we go track by track through the original soundtrack release and look at some intriguing covers too.


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It's time to conclude our coverage of the James Bond movie trailers, on JBR this week. Picking up where we left off with Octopussy, we go through every remaining trailer right up to SPECTRE. There are plenty of intriguing unused nuggets with lines of dialogue, judo chops and alternate shots that don't show up in the final films.

We also look at some of the latest news and rumours and we explore potential titles for Bond 25. We dig deep with a look at Fleming's work and all the continuation authors. Are there some awesome titles hiding in plain site? Find out on this week's episode of James Bond Radio.

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