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Merry Christmas Bond fans!

It's time for the 5th annual Big James Bond Boxing Day Bonanza Quiz. We have 100 devilishly challenging questions to put you to the test. Like Q, will you have problems keeping it up? Or will your British end be firmly in the air?

Take the 2018 Big Bond Boxing Day Quiz challenge and find out!

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This week, Jack Lugo interviews Jeff Parker, the writer behind the new Dynamite Comics 'James Bond Origin' series. Find out Jeff’s answers to the JBR Quickfire Questions and learn about what we can expect from this brand new original James Bond comic set during World War 2.

You don’t want to miss this fascinating discussion as our Station A agent in New Jersey, Jack Lugo continues his exploration of The Comics of Bond!

JBR returns next week with our Big Annual Boxing Day Bond Quiz which drops on December 26th. Be sure to brush up on your Bond, we've got a doozy in store for you this year!

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This week our intrepid, roving reporter, Pete Doherty is bringing us an intriguing interview with Bond production legends, John Grover and Colin Miller.

Starting his journey with The Spy Who Loved Me, Grover, went on to work as editor on For Your Eyes Only, The Living Daylights, and Licence To Kill.

Colin Miller's work in the sound department began back in 1979 with Moonraker, and included For Your Eyes Only, A View To A Kill & The Living Daylights.

Tune in to this week's episode for a look at Bond behind the scenes.

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This week we're joined by Anders Frejdh, the man behind one of the biggest Bond websites, From Sweden With Love.

As a hardcore Bond fan, Anders has built the largest collection of Bond memorabilia in Scandinavia, has interviewed many Bond alumni including no less than 3 James Bonds (George, Roger & Daniel), and was a key organiser for the Mallorca Film Festival’s tribute to director Guy Hamilton. What's even cooler than that? If you keep your eyes peeled during Quantum of Solace, you'll even spot him on screen.

Tune into this week's JBR for some Bondian banter with our man from Station S.

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