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Merry Christmas Bond fans!

It's time for the 007th annual Big James Bond Boxing Day Bonanza Quiz. We have 100 fiendishly challenging questions to put you to the test.

Like Q, will you have problems keeping it up? Or will you be keeping your British end up? Enter this year's quiz to find out!

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This week JBR revisits the Fleming v McClory story, courtesy of JBR editor in chief, Michael Kirwan.

The Story of Thunderball is a fascinating one, to say the least, but how did it all happen?

In today's episode, Michael examines the court cases, the stolen ideas and much more to find out why it all happened.

With interviews from Robert Sellers (Author of the ‘Battle for Bond’), Sylvan Mason (Daughter of screenwriter, Jack Whittingham) and JBR's own Dan Gale, it's time to delve deep into the story and the characters surrounding Thunderballand its many iterations. This is Operation Thunderball. 

Written & Edited by Michael Kirwan

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This week, author, Mark Edlitz returns to the show to talk about his new book: The Lost Adventures of James Bond.

As Bond fans, we've all seen the movies and read the books, but there is a hidden world of 007 content left to discover when it comes to the 'lost' or unmade adventures.

In today's episode, Mark talks us through the ideas and outlines for Timothy Dalton's 3rd and 4th Bond films, explores the unproduced Casino Royale stage play written by Raymond Benson, exposes the secret history of the James Bond Jr. animated series, and much more.

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In today’s JBR episode, Agents Wright and Dobson will be discussing all things horology as they delve deeply into The Watches of Bond (Part I).

Bond’s timepiece of choice has often ignited debate… which brand of watch should he wear? What is Bond’s most iconic timepiece? How much does Bond’s watch say about the man himself?

The fascination and mystery around Bond’s watches come as no surprise given Fleming was a man who appreciated the finer things in life, including what he wore upon his wrist. In his case, a Rolex Explorer 1016. “A gentleman’s choice of timepiece says as much about him as does his Saville Row suit.”

Join Chris and Brian as they discuss the watches of Bond from Dr No through to For Your Eyes Only, including how the watches were portrayed, any gadgets that were utilised, and some nifty trivia along the way. There’ll be watches that are familiar to one and all, some recognised only by eagle-eyed viewers, and others that have yet to be identified!

There are also bonus watches to be considered along the way. Although not worn by Bond, they have all made a memorable impact on their characters and the films themselves.

There may even be a little Bond horology quiz at the end to round things off. So, sit back and relax like you have all the time in the world. You won’t want to miss this cracking JBR episode!

Edited by Michael Kirwan

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