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JBR is back to discuss the second act of Timothy Dalton's final Bond film, Licence To Kill. 

We join Bond and Pam at the Barrelhead Bar (who doesn't enjoy a dose of 'Dirty Love?'), we meet Professor Joe and Bond goes deep undercover to face Franz Sanchez.

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It's finally here! It's been almost exactly a year since we reviewed Timothy's debut Bond, so it's high time we looked at Licence To Kill. 

What do we think of Timothy's second and final 007 outing? Is Sanchez a good baddie for the 80s? Is Timmy Boy ahead of his time? Find out on today's edition of James Bond Radio.

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Chris Wright is back after a 4 month break to talk all things Bond 25. We discuss the latest news, Danny Boyle, the UK release date and dive deep into what Daniel's final Bond film might bring.

We're also joined by Gareth Owen (the main man at Roger Moore HQ) to talk about today's re-release of The 007 Diaries. The brand new hardback edition, featuring a new foreword by Felix Leiter himself, David Hedison, is out today. Go get it!

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The JBR Book Club returns with the 4th and final part of our read through and commentary of Christopher Wood’s, The Spy Who Loved Me.

This week we take part in a huge oil tanker based battle, participate in an assault on Stromberg's laboratory and go head to head with a rather tall man with shiny teeth.

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JBR returns with part 3 of our read through and commentary of Christopher Wood's, The Spy Who Loved Me.

This week we visit Stromberg's laboratory, become embroiled in an underwater battle and meet the crew of the US Navy's finest submarine, The USS Wayne.

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We have a bonus episode for you today thanks to our on the spot roving reporter, Mr. Brian Dobson. Brian recently paid a visit to Big Chief studios here in the UK to talk about their range of replica figures.

If you're into the collecting side of things you'll definitely want to listen to this one AND you'll want to listen all the way to the end because old Brian might have scored you a tasty little discount. So if you're in the market for a lifelike Sean or Roger or maybe even a Baron Samedi be sure to get involved.

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It's time to get funky on The Music of Bond this week. Oh yes, it's time for Live & Let Die.

It's got dirty grooves, it's got wah wah guitars, it's got bongoes galore, it's got a Beatle singing the theme song. What doesn't it have? Mr. John Barry at the helm. With George Martin taking over musical duties for Sir Roger Moore's first Bond film, it's a somewhat different take on everybody's favourite spy.

Tune in for discussion on the history of the score, a look at what was going on behind the scenes and of course a track by track look at the original soundtrack release of Live & Let Die.

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JBR returns with part 2 of our read through and commentary of Christopher Wood's, The Spy Who Loved Me.

This week we look at a scene (not featured in the film) involving some excruciating penis based torture, making Casino Royale's wicker chair sequence pale in comparison. We also pay a visit to the Mujaba club and meet a character with exceptionally shiny teeth.

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The Music of Bond's John Williams is flying solo this week with an interview with Neil S. Bulk. As co-producer of the recently released Die Another Day Expanded Soundtrack, Neil gives us an inside look at the album. 

As a classic movie soundtrack album producer, Neil has been involved with Tim Burton's Batman movies, The Naked Gun trilogy and even Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

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JBR returns with something completely different this week. This time we're taking a chapter by chapter look at Christopher Wood's novelisation of The Spy Who Loved Me.

If you've never read it before you're in for some surprises. More Fleming Bond than movie Bond, the book reads like a darker, grittier version of the film we all know and love. With extra scenes, back story and plot details that don't feature on screen, you'll never look at Sir Roger's 3rd Bond film the same way again.

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