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Today, we're looking at everybody's favourite gadgetmaster, Q. We pick our top 15 Bond gadgets, take a look at some real WW2 era spy gadgets and pay tribute to Desmond Llewelyn. 

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Welcome to the 007th episode of James Bond Radio. Today, we're looking at the big one, 1964's Goldfinger. This is the movie that took Bond from successful to stratospheric, bringing with it the peak of Bondmania. We go in depth on Bond, Q, Pussy, the DB5 and Gert Frobe's delightful wardrobe choices.

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Today we're looking at the BBC America/Sky Atlantic mini-series "Fleming." I think it's safe to say this show has had what many would call "mixed reviews," so we're dedicating today's episode to our thoughts. 

Do we like Dominic Cooper's portrayal? Can we distinguish the facts from fiction? Did we enjoy the show or were we found to be screaming at our TVs? Find out in today's episode of James Bond Radio!

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Here we are this week looking at Bond #2, From Russia, With Love. Many Bondsters claim this movie is the best of them all, so we go through this baby with a fine tooth comb discussing everything from Bond's sloppy skills on the Orient Express, to the sad story of Kerim Bey actor Pedro Armendariz, while also (of course) chatting about Tania's naked bottom.

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