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It’s time for the JBR Family to speak once again! As the final entry in our coverage of Licence To Kill, our intrepid listeners get to take the microphone and voice their thoughts.

We also look at ways to potentially capture the imagination of the next generation of Bond fans, and chat about recent our recent slew of JBR meet ups.

Listener Reviews Begin At 18:09.

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It's time to look at the 3rd and final act of Licence To Kill. 

We rejoin Bond as he wakes up at Sanchez' lavish mansion after his encounter with the ninjas, and follow all the way to a mountain road somewhere outside Isthmus City.

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JBR is back to discuss the second act of Timothy Dalton's final Bond film, Licence To Kill. 

We join Bond and Pam at the Barrelhead Bar (who doesn't enjoy a dose of 'Dirty Love?'), we meet Professor Joe and Bond goes deep undercover to face Franz Sanchez.

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It's finally here! It's been almost exactly a year since we reviewed Timothy's debut Bond, so it's high time we looked at Licence To Kill. 

What do we think of Timothy's second and final 007 outing? Is Sanchez a good baddie for the 80s? Is Timmy Boy ahead of his time? Find out on today's edition of James Bond Radio.

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Chris Wright is back after a 4 month break to talk all things Bond 25. We discuss the latest news, Danny Boyle, the UK release date and dive deep into what Daniel's final Bond film might bring.

We're also joined by Gareth Owen (the main man at Roger Moore HQ) to talk about today's re-release of The 007 Diaries. The brand new hardback edition, featuring a new foreword by Felix Leiter himself, David Hedison, is out today. Go get it!

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