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This week we're back with our first look at the songs of Bond. Starting off with Dr. No, through to Sheena Easton's, For Your Eyes Only.
 Be warned, Tom and Chris get a little too passionate during this episode. If the sound of two grown men dry humping each other to the sound of On Her Majesty's Secret Service might offend you, then it's probably best to skip this one.

PLUS: Operation Kid Brother, Daniel Craig quits in the news, Thrilling Cities, JBR in Philadelphia & Chicago and more.

Song reviews begin at: 36:46.

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It’s our 100th episode!!!

This week we have a killer episode for you with our special celebrity guests, Madeline Smith (aka Live & Let Die’s "Miss Caruso). We talk Bond and Live & Let Die. We get the skinny on what it’s like to be in bed with Sir Roger Moore and whole lot more.
 Aside from the world of 007, we hear what it was like growing up and getting 'noticed’ in the 60s. We discuss Maddy’s other TV and film credits including The Two Ronnies, The Vampire Lovers and The Persuaders.

We also bid farewell to legendary members of the James Bond family Guy Hamilton and Peter Jansen-Smith. We talk this years Bondstars event at Pinewood and the first official JBR family offshoot based in Los Angeles.

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Who is the celebrity guest on this week's 100th episode of James Bond Radio?

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