James Bond Radio: 007 News, Reviews & Interviews!

This week, Tom & Chris take a look at the Bond villains and their deaths.

From the more hilarious and unusual offerings, "He always did have an inflated opinion of himself," to the cold blooded kills, "I never miss."

Strap in for a massive 3 hour conversation featuring JBR's unique "death rating" system, a new JBR jingle from Dan Gale, and much more.

The podcast will be taking a brief summer break after this week's episode, but we'll be back in September with a massive two-parter you will not want to miss.

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Due to a technical mishap, JBR's regular programming for this week has been postponed.

To rescue what would have been an otherwise empty Friday in the calendar, JBR editor-in-chief, Mike Kirwan stepped in with a mini documentary discussing the most bizarre Bond of all. Featuring some well known voices in the Bond fan community including Calvin Dyson, Ajay Chowdhury, Pete Doherty, and more.

JBR returns next week with The Music of Bond: The Living Daylights.

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This week we have some Ian Fleming action in store for you, courtesy of our LA correspondent Matthew Chernov.

A major new Fleming biography titled The World is Not Enough has just been published in hardcover by Rowman & Littlefield, and Matt conducted an exclusive interview with the book’s author, Oliver Buckton.

Join us for an in-depth and fast moving discussion that covers Fleming’s greatest strengths as a writer, his relationship to the women in his life, popular misconceptions about him, the portrayal of race and racial issues in his Bond novels, the history of the Vesper martini, and much, much more. Oliver even answers our popular ‘quickfire questions.’

Oliver Buckton is professor of English at Florida Atlantic University, and is the editor of the book The Many Facets of Diamonds Are Forever and author of Espionage in British Fiction and Film Since 1900: The Changing Enemy. His latest work is The World is Not Enough: A Biography of Ian Fleming.

Oliver graciously sent us a special discount code that knocks 30% off the price of the book if JBR listeners purchase it directly through the Rowman and Littlefield publisher website.

Use discount code is: RLFANDF30.

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This week, John Williams & Brian Dobson explore the sartorial world of 007.

John and Brian discuss everything from Bond’s best looks, all the way down the line to his more unfortunate outfits.

*Edited by Michael Kirwan

In related news, for any Bond fans interested in all things Bond clothing, check out the brand new book ‘From Tailors With Love’ just released from fellow Bond community podcasters, Peter Brooker and Matt Spaiser.

From Tailors with Love tells the story of the celluloid Bond’s clothing and the talents behind the wardrobes through the people who worked on the films, the fashions of the eras and the meaning the clothes have within the films.

The book provides fresh insights through exclusive interviews with Bond-series costume designers Lindy Hemming, Jany Temime, Jodie Tillen and Emma Porteous, the late celebrity shirtmaker to the Bond series Frank Foster, Bond film director John Glen, menswear mogul Umberto Angeloni, keeper of the Bond brands David Mason and many others.

You can grab your copy from Amazon.
Amazon UK / Amazon US

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