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Today, we conclude our Thunderball coverage with our review of Never Say Never Again. After covering Thunderball itself and our interviews with Robert Sellers and Sylvan Mason, we round it all out with a review of the "other" Bond film.

Find out our thoughts on everything from the production value, to the dialogue, to Connery himself. We also go over other fine Bondian talking points, including the origins of 90s animated series James Bond Jr, the latest casting rumours for Bond 24 and the Bond who might have been; Stanley Baker.

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With today's episode we hit the mother load. To follow up our last "Battle for Bond" podcast with author Robert Sellers, we're interviewing Sylvan Mason, the daughter of snubbed Thunderball screenwriter Jack Whittingham.

Words cannot describe how excited we were to actually hear the story first hand from someone who was involved and actually there at the time. Sylvan's unique perspective really does shed some light on what really happened with Thunderball. 

Not only that, we get to see Whittingham's scrapbook that follows the court battle from start to finish and see a copy of the very book, complete with hand written annotations that Kevin McClory's lawyer used in the case. 

Another episode you just cannot miss!

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On today's show we interview the author of 'The Battle for Bond,' Robert Sellers. We talk all about the Kevin McClory debacle, from what might have happened had Alfred Hitchcock agreed to direct, to the real choices Fleming made for who should play Bond. Discover who came up with the original idea for Thunderball (it wasn't Fleming) and find out who was the guilty party in the plagiarism case!

Get ready for a 2 hour epic...though be warned, you might just come away with a different opinion of Ian Fleming after you hear today's episode.


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