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This week we’re answering listener questions with subjects including: Who would make a great potential Bond villain, Bond's taste in ladies, what Dalton's Bond might have been like with a different director, and what could be the ultimate question: Should Bond have a hairy chest?

Tune in for this week's 00-discussion.

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This week, John Williams returns for another "The Music of Bond" interview. Matt Monro Jr. joins us to talk about his father, Bond, From Russia With Love and a whole lot more. Sit back and enjoy a chat with the man with a unique perspective on one of the most classic Bond themes.

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It’s time for the JBR Family to speak once again! Our intrepid listeners get a chance to take the microphone and voice their thoughts on Brosnan's debut Bond. With over 60 voicemails, there's a whole lot of passionate Bond fans out there with something to say.

Tune in to find out what everybody thinks of Bond '95.

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In a very special “Bonus Episode” of JBR this week, Jack Lugo interviews Greg Pak, the writer behind the new monthly Dynamite Comics James Bond 007 series, which launches on November 7th. Find out Greg’s answers to the JBR Quickfire Questions and learn about what we can expect from his brand new original James Bond comic. Bond fans may be keenly interested in learning more about how this new comic plans to re-imagine a certain iconic Bond henchman.

You don’t want to miss this fascinating discussion as our Station A agent in New Jersey, Jack Lugo continues his exploration of The Comics of Bond!

JBR returns next week with our listener based "90 Second Reviews" episode for Goldeneye. If you haven't already, be sure to head over to JamesBondRadio.com, click on the 'Send Voicemail' button and let us know your thoughts on Brosnan's 00-debut.

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Things are heating up as we reach the final act of our Goldeneye Review. After a ride on Alec Trevelyan's armoured train, we end up in the Caribbean for the final showdown. With the briefest of glimpses of Bond's new BMW, we discover mad little Alec's secret base hidden beneath a lake.

Finishing up with a brutal and frantic fistfight between two of Her Majesty's finest, 006 vs 007, we ask the question: Did our boy Pierce do us proud with his first stab at playing James Bond?

Find out on this week's episode of James Bond Radio.

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