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We're looking at something a little different on this week's episode of James Bond Radio. Our newest roving reporter, Pete Doherty spent some time with Joseph McGrath, one of the many directors involved in making Casino Royale '67. 

You'll hear stories of the craziness going on during the production, from frantic director changes, to onset meltdowns, and even what it's like to take a punch from Peter Sellers.

Don't miss today's episode of JBR. 

Big thanks to Pete Doherty for his work on this week's episode.

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We're on our way to Thailand on this week's episode of The Music of Bond. Oh yes, it's time to get your golden guns out!

After John Barry's break from the world of 007, he's back with a vengeance for Sir Roger Moore's second Bond outing. As a film it's often criticised among Bond's critics, but what of the score?

Tune in for discussion on the history of the music, a look behind the scenes and as usual a track by track discussion of the original soundtrack release.

*Due to a technical glitch during recording we lost Chris' audio for the last part of today's episode. So if you were wondering why he didn't say much towards the end of the episode, now you know :-)

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It's finally here, the first real nugget of Bond news since Danny Boyle's announcement!

This week, a casting call was put out for 3 key characters for Bond 25. In today's emergency podcast we discuss each of the 3 roles and come up with a list of actors who could fit the bill. 

It's the beginning of the Bond 25 journey, Bond fans. Let's get stuck in!

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This week, we're joined by Brigitte Millar!

As the deadly Dr. Vogel in SPECTRE, she played a key part in the iconic SPECTRE meeting room scene with Christoph Waltz, Dave Bautista and Daniel Craig.

Hear the full story of how Brigitte won the role. The audition process, what it was like on set and even her thoughts on a potential return for Dr. Vogel should SPECTRE come back for Bond 25.

Don't miss this week's episode of JBR!

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This week, JBR gives it's full report on this year's Bondstars event at Pinewood Studios. A celebration of Live & Let Die, special guests included Madeleine Smith (Miss Caruso), Gloria Hendry (Rosie Carver), John Glen, Vic Armstrong and many more. 

Not ones to leave the JBR family out in the cold, we've managed to include footage of the special guest interviews in today's podcast. A huge thank you to Gareth and Andy at Bondstars for giving us permission.

All in all it was a great day to be a Bond fan. Join us on today's episode to hear the full story.

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