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Dan Gale returns this week with special guest, Richard Overall. Richard's work on the Cartoon Network series 'The Adventures of Gumball' was recently brought to JBR's attention after a certain episode titled, 'The Agent' appeared on Youtube.

The brief episode synopsis reads: 

"Gumball and Darwin's clothes go missing after a swimming lesson; when Gumball is forced to wear a tuxedo from the lost and found office, he believes it makes him look like a certain dapper British secret agent."

What follows is 11 minutes of genius-level Bond references that will delight any 007 fan.

So, sit back, pour yourself a Vesper and meet the man behind the action.

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This week Tom returns with Brian Dobson to reminisce about their pilgrimage to Piz Gloria to celebrate the 50th anniversary of On Her Majesty's Secret Service.

You'll hear what it was like to spend an hour hanging out with George Lazenby at the bar. You'll discover what it was like to circle Piz Gloria from a helicopter with distinguished members of the world press. And you'll hear stories of grown men in tears at the sheer enormity of the occasion.

Not only that, we talk about our Bond 'Euro Trip' across Switzerland to numerous Goldfinger locations, our visit to the Goldeneye Dam, and how we finished up the jaunt scoping out Mr. White's house from the waters of Lake Como.

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James Bond Radio Is Back In Action!

The all-new JBR returns with a roundtable discussion of all things No Time To Die. Agents Sears, Williams, Dobson & Lugo are your hosts in a long form chat about next year's brand new Bond.

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