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Merry Christmas Bond fans!

It's time for the 5th annual Big James Bond Boxing Day Bonanza Quiz. We have 100 devilishly challenging questions to put you to the test. Like Q, will you have problems keeping it up? Or will your British end be firmly in the air?

Take the 2018 Big Bond Boxing Day Quiz challenge and find out!

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This week, Jack Lugo interviews Jeff Parker, the writer behind the new Dynamite Comics 'James Bond Origin' series. Find out Jeff’s answers to the JBR Quickfire Questions and learn about what we can expect from this brand new original James Bond comic set during World War 2.

You don’t want to miss this fascinating discussion as our Station A agent in New Jersey, Jack Lugo continues his exploration of The Comics of Bond!

JBR returns next week with our Big Annual Boxing Day Bond Quiz which drops on December 26th. Be sure to brush up on your Bond, we've got a doozy in store for you this year!

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This week our intrepid, roving reporter, Pete Doherty is bringing us an intriguing interview with Bond production legends, John Grover and Colin Miller.

Starting his journey with The Spy Who Loved Me, Grover, went on to work as editor on For Your Eyes Only, The Living Daylights, and Licence To Kill.

Colin Miller's work in the sound department began back in 1979 with Moonraker, and included For Your Eyes Only, A View To A Kill & The Living Daylights.

Tune in to this week's episode for a look at Bond behind the scenes.

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This week we're joined by Anders Frejdh, the man behind one of the biggest Bond websites, From Sweden With Love.

As a hardcore Bond fan, Anders has built the largest collection of Bond memorabilia in Scandinavia, has interviewed many Bond alumni including no less than 3 James Bonds (George, Roger & Daniel), and was a key organiser for the Mallorca Film Festival’s tribute to director Guy Hamilton. What's even cooler than that? If you keep your eyes peeled during Quantum of Solace, you'll even spot him on screen.

Tune into this week's JBR for some Bondian banter with our man from Station S.

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This week we’re answering listener questions with subjects including: Who would make a great potential Bond villain, Bond's taste in ladies, what Dalton's Bond might have been like with a different director, and what could be the ultimate question: Should Bond have a hairy chest?

Tune in for this week's 00-discussion.

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This week, John Williams returns for another "The Music of Bond" interview. Matt Monro Jr. joins us to talk about his father, Bond, From Russia With Love and a whole lot more. Sit back and enjoy a chat with the man with a unique perspective on one of the most classic Bond themes.

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It’s time for the JBR Family to speak once again! Our intrepid listeners get a chance to take the microphone and voice their thoughts on Brosnan's debut Bond. With over 60 voicemails, there's a whole lot of passionate Bond fans out there with something to say.

Tune in to find out what everybody thinks of Bond '95.

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In a very special “Bonus Episode” of JBR this week, Jack Lugo interviews Greg Pak, the writer behind the new monthly Dynamite Comics James Bond 007 series, which launches on November 7th. Find out Greg’s answers to the JBR Quickfire Questions and learn about what we can expect from his brand new original James Bond comic. Bond fans may be keenly interested in learning more about how this new comic plans to re-imagine a certain iconic Bond henchman.

You don’t want to miss this fascinating discussion as our Station A agent in New Jersey, Jack Lugo continues his exploration of The Comics of Bond!

JBR returns next week with our listener based "90 Second Reviews" episode for Goldeneye. If you haven't already, be sure to head over to JamesBondRadio.com, click on the 'Send Voicemail' button and let us know your thoughts on Brosnan's 00-debut.

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Things are heating up as we reach the final act of our Goldeneye Review. After a ride on Alec Trevelyan's armoured train, we end up in the Caribbean for the final showdown. With the briefest of glimpses of Bond's new BMW, we discover mad little Alec's secret base hidden beneath a lake.

Finishing up with a brutal and frantic fistfight between two of Her Majesty's finest, 006 vs 007, we ask the question: Did our boy Pierce do us proud with his first stab at playing James Bond?

Find out on this week's episode of James Bond Radio.

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We're back with the second part of our Goldeneye review.

This week we enter Q's lab, pay a visit to St. Petersburg to meet CIA contact Jack Wade, and our old friend with the limp, Valentin Zukovsky. We encounter a rather nasty woman in a spa, run into an old friend in a graveyard of statues and get involved in a car chase at the wheel of a tank. What more could you want?

Our deep dive into Pierce Brosnan's debut 007 film continues.

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It's a new world...with new enemies...and new threats...but you can still depend on one man!

It's time to take Bond into the 90s with a look at Pierce Brosnan's debut 007 film, Goldeneye.

It's got Bond back in his Aston Martin DB5, it's got an iconic henchwoman, it's got Desmond Llewelyn as Q, it's got a new M, it's got a belter of a theme song, and it's got Martin Campbell at the helm, but does Bond have what it takes to thrive in a post Cold War world?

Find out on this week's episode of James Bond Radio.

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This week, John Williams comes at you solo style for this week's "The Music of Bond." For all you Licence To Kill fans out there, we welcome singer and producer of 'Dirty Love' - Tim Feehan.

Some might call this the ultimate 80s bar room brawl soundtrack, others might call it John Williams' personal theme tune, whatever you decide to call it, Dirty Love never fails to put a smile on your face.

Until Tom & Chris return next week with their review of Goldeneye, enjoy a little dirty love with Tim Feehan. 

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JBR's man in New Jersey, Jack Lugo, steps in for Tom & Chris this week, with a killer interview with Dennis Calero. As the artist behind Dynamite Comics' recent graphic novel adaptation of Casino Royale (alongside writer Van Jansen), Dennis has a great insight on the classic world of 007.

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Bond 25 has it's new director!

A tweet posted to the official James Bond account reads: "Michael G Wilson, Barbara Broccoli and Daniel Craig announced today that Bond 25 will begin filming at Pinewood Studios on 4 March 2019 under the helm of director Cary Joji Fukunaga, with a worldwide release date of 14 February 2020."

"We are delighted to be working with Cary. His versatility and innovation make him an excellent choice for our next James Bond adventure." said Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli.

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Oh my goodness me! On this week's edition of JBR we're joined by Bibi Dahl herself, Lynn-Holly Johnson. We hear all about her days as a competitive athlete, her run-ins with Steven Spielberg and of course her time working on For Your Eyes Only.
Do not miss this episode of James Bond Radio. Now...go put your clothes on and we'll buy you an ice cream ;-)
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On today's episode of The Music of Bond we're joined by Richard Craft. As John Barry's agent, he has some killer stories about his time working with him.
An obsessive Bond fan himself, Richard talks about John Barry's work on The Incredibles, Bond films that almost had a Barry score and much more. Don't miss this one folks!
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In today's episode we go deep on Mission Impossible: Fallout, a truly spectacular film featuring some jaw dropping stunts. Our man at MI6 has a huge task on his hands when it comes to Bond 25.
With the success of Ethan Hunt's latest adventure, the action movie bar has been well and truly raised. But what does that mean for 007?
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This week, JBR returns to conclude our Timothy Dalton retrospective. We'll be choosing our favourite action scenes, the coolest Bond moments and much more.
We also discuss more about this week's Danny Boyle news. 
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We certainly weren't expecting to see this news today. Danny Boyle has exited Bond 25 due to “creative differences.”

Making the announcement on Twitter the post read - “Michael G. Wilson, Barbara Broccoli and Daniel Craig today announced that due to creative differences Danny Boyle has decided to no longer direct Bond 25.”

We decided to jump on the mic and discuss today's news, in what is a very unexpected emergency podcast.

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This week, we're taking a look back at Timothy Dalton's best bits! We’ll be exploring all of our favourite Tim moments from his ‘Bond…James Bonds’ to his M scenes, his Q scenes and his Moneypenny scenes.

This is going to be an unmissable episode for the Timmy fans out there. So grab your Vodka Martini, put your feet up and prepare for a double helping of Dalton.

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This week JBR was invited onto the Penny Smith DriveTime Show on London's TalkRADIO to discuss Bond...and more specifically the latest resurgence of the Idris Elba rumours.

You can tune in to TalkRADIO around the world at TalkRadio.co.uk

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We're looking at something a little different on this week's episode of James Bond Radio. Our newest roving reporter, Pete Doherty spent some time with Joseph McGrath, one of the many directors involved in making Casino Royale '67. 

You'll hear stories of the craziness going on during the production, from frantic director changes, to onset meltdowns, and even what it's like to take a punch from Peter Sellers.

Don't miss today's episode of JBR. 

Big thanks to Pete Doherty for his work on this week's episode.

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We're on our way to Thailand on this week's episode of The Music of Bond. Oh yes, it's time to get your golden guns out!

After John Barry's break from the world of 007, he's back with a vengeance for Sir Roger Moore's second Bond outing. As a film it's often criticised among Bond's critics, but what of the score?

Tune in for discussion on the history of the music, a look behind the scenes and as usual a track by track discussion of the original soundtrack release.

*Due to a technical glitch during recording we lost Chris' audio for the last part of today's episode. So if you were wondering why he didn't say much towards the end of the episode, now you know :-)

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It's finally here, the first real nugget of Bond news since Danny Boyle's announcement!

This week, a casting call was put out for 3 key characters for Bond 25. In today's emergency podcast we discuss each of the 3 roles and come up with a list of actors who could fit the bill. 

It's the beginning of the Bond 25 journey, Bond fans. Let's get stuck in!

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This week, we're joined by Brigitte Millar!

As the deadly Dr. Vogel in SPECTRE, she played a key part in the iconic SPECTRE meeting room scene with Christoph Waltz, Dave Bautista and Daniel Craig.

Hear the full story of how Brigitte won the role. The audition process, what it was like on set and even her thoughts on a potential return for Dr. Vogel should SPECTRE come back for Bond 25.

Don't miss this week's episode of JBR!

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This week, JBR gives it's full report on this year's Bondstars event at Pinewood Studios. A celebration of Live & Let Die, special guests included Madeleine Smith (Miss Caruso), Gloria Hendry (Rosie Carver), John Glen, Vic Armstrong and many more. 

Not ones to leave the JBR family out in the cold, we've managed to include footage of the special guest interviews in today's podcast. A huge thank you to Gareth and Andy at Bondstars for giving us permission.

All in all it was a great day to be a Bond fan. Join us on today's episode to hear the full story.

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It’s time for the JBR Family to speak once again! As the final entry in our coverage of Licence To Kill, our intrepid listeners get to take the microphone and voice their thoughts.

We also look at ways to potentially capture the imagination of the next generation of Bond fans, and chat about recent our recent slew of JBR meet ups.

Listener Reviews Begin At 18:09.

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It's time to look at the 3rd and final act of Licence To Kill. 

We rejoin Bond as he wakes up at Sanchez' lavish mansion after his encounter with the ninjas, and follow all the way to a mountain road somewhere outside Isthmus City.

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JBR is back to discuss the second act of Timothy Dalton's final Bond film, Licence To Kill. 

We join Bond and Pam at the Barrelhead Bar (who doesn't enjoy a dose of 'Dirty Love?'), we meet Professor Joe and Bond goes deep undercover to face Franz Sanchez.

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It's finally here! It's been almost exactly a year since we reviewed Timothy's debut Bond, so it's high time we looked at Licence To Kill. 

What do we think of Timothy's second and final 007 outing? Is Sanchez a good baddie for the 80s? Is Timmy Boy ahead of his time? Find out on today's edition of James Bond Radio.

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Chris Wright is back after a 4 month break to talk all things Bond 25. We discuss the latest news, Danny Boyle, the UK release date and dive deep into what Daniel's final Bond film might bring.

We're also joined by Gareth Owen (the main man at Roger Moore HQ) to talk about today's re-release of The 007 Diaries. The brand new hardback edition, featuring a new foreword by Felix Leiter himself, David Hedison, is out today. Go get it!

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The JBR Book Club returns with the 4th and final part of our read through and commentary of Christopher Wood’s, The Spy Who Loved Me.

This week we take part in a huge oil tanker based battle, participate in an assault on Stromberg's laboratory and go head to head with a rather tall man with shiny teeth.

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JBR returns with part 3 of our read through and commentary of Christopher Wood's, The Spy Who Loved Me.

This week we visit Stromberg's laboratory, become embroiled in an underwater battle and meet the crew of the US Navy's finest submarine, The USS Wayne.

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We have a bonus episode for you today thanks to our on the spot roving reporter, Mr. Brian Dobson. Brian recently paid a visit to Big Chief studios here in the UK to talk about their range of replica figures.

If you're into the collecting side of things you'll definitely want to listen to this one AND you'll want to listen all the way to the end because old Brian might have scored you a tasty little discount. So if you're in the market for a lifelike Sean or Roger or maybe even a Baron Samedi be sure to get involved.

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It's time to get funky on The Music of Bond this week. Oh yes, it's time for Live & Let Die.

It's got dirty grooves, it's got wah wah guitars, it's got bongoes galore, it's got a Beatle singing the theme song. What doesn't it have? Mr. John Barry at the helm. With George Martin taking over musical duties for Sir Roger Moore's first Bond film, it's a somewhat different take on everybody's favourite spy.

Tune in for discussion on the history of the score, a look at what was going on behind the scenes and of course a track by track look at the original soundtrack release of Live & Let Die.

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JBR returns with part 2 of our read through and commentary of Christopher Wood's, The Spy Who Loved Me.

This week we look at a scene (not featured in the film) involving some excruciating penis based torture, making Casino Royale's wicker chair sequence pale in comparison. We also pay a visit to the Mujaba club and meet a character with exceptionally shiny teeth.

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The Music of Bond's John Williams is flying solo this week with an interview with Neil S. Bulk. As co-producer of the recently released Die Another Day Expanded Soundtrack, Neil gives us an inside look at the album. 

As a classic movie soundtrack album producer, Neil has been involved with Tim Burton's Batman movies, The Naked Gun trilogy and even Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

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JBR returns with something completely different this week. This time we're taking a chapter by chapter look at Christopher Wood's novelisation of The Spy Who Loved Me.

If you've never read it before you're in for some surprises. More Fleming Bond than movie Bond, the book reads like a darker, grittier version of the film we all know and love. With extra scenes, back story and plot details that don't feature on screen, you'll never look at Sir Roger's 3rd Bond film the same way again.

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The Music of Bond is back with a look at the first 70's Bond: Diamonds Are Forever. Shirley's back, Barry's back and Sean's back with some sleazy Vegas grooves and wah wah guitars.

As usual we talk about the history of the score, look at what was going on behind the scenes, and go through the original album release track by track.

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JBR is 4 years old!

To celebrate the anniversary we've invited 6 intrepid listeners onto the show to talk Bond. We have - Jeff Silence (USA/Germany), Michael Harvey (Norfolk, UK), Jason Davis (Ohio, USA), James Crawford-Clark (Yeovil, UK), Ricky Temple (Cumbria, UK) and Simon Billinton (London, UK).

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It's time to talk about The Stunts of Bond on this week's JBR. We're honoured to be joined by two Bond stuntmen - Paul Weston and Jay Richardson.

Jay had the honour of doubling Daniel Craig during the skydiving scene in Quantum of Solace. He tells us all about meeting Daniel and Olga and the process involved in filming such a complex and potentially dangerous sequence.

Paul goes way back to the Roger Moore era of 007 and is probably most recognised among Bond fans for playing a certain paint gun wielding guard in the pre-title sequence for The Living Daylights.

Grab your vodka martini, put your feet up and strap yourself in for an adrenalin pumping episode of James Bond Radio.


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