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This week JBR returns with a look back at last month's visit to the ultimate Bond location, Piz Gloria.

We'll also be talking about the latest Bond 25 rumours and more.

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This week we have some more Timothy flavoured action for you. 

Courtesy of our other man in LA, we're joined by Grand L. Bush, who you'll recognise as 'Hawkins' in Licence To Kill.

He talks about each of his fellow cast members, director John Glen, the Broccoli family, how he got the role, various shooting locations around Florida and Mexico, what the first Bond movie he ever saw in the cinema was, how he approached playing Hawkins, what it was like to meet Prince Charles and Lady Diana at the film's London premiere, what his relationship with Bond fans has been like over the years, as well as his friendships with Sylvester Stallone and Dennis Hopper.

Don't miss this week's James Bond Radio.

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For the latest episode of The Comics of Bond, Jack Lugo interviews writer and artist Ibrahim Moustafa.

At the top of the show, Ibrahim reveals his new role in one of the ongoing Dynamite Comics Bond series. Find out Ibrahim’s answers to the quickfire questions, and learn all about his inspired Bond artwork and even figurine work.

Ibrahim has been doing Bond artwork for a long time and with his new role over at Dynamite comics, we are guaranteed to see even more brilliant artwork from him in the near future. Don’t miss this fascinating discussion as we look further into the ongoing Comics of Bond!

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Dan Gale returns to JBR this week with an exclusive interview with Dr. Cary Edwards PhD. As a film studies lecturer and author of the new book "He Disagreed With Something That Ate Him," Cary takes a deeper look into the potential hidden meanings and symbolism in the Bond films of Timothy Dalton.

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In the 4th and final instalment of this year's anniversary episodes, John Williams is joined by 3 more intrepid listeners to talk the music of Bond. We're joined by - Logan Morford (Kentucky, USA), Marty O'Dwyer (Kansas City, USA) and Pablo Schaffner (Sydney, Australia).

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