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It's time for another Big James Bond Quiz, this time powered by the creativity and enthusiasm of the JBR Family itself.

As mentioned in last week's MI6 Mailbag episode, JBR listeners Rory Couper & John Ward have been hosting a Friday Night Bond Quiz on Zoom with assembled members of the JBR Family. So we thought what better way to see in the beginning of Summer, than by bringing them on the podcast for some 00 trivial excitement.

Grab a pen and paper and get ready to test your Bond skills.

Warning: If you thought our usual Boxing Day Quiz was challenging, John & Rory's questions will blow your mind.

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This week Tom and Brian open up the MI6 Mailbag with special guest, Darren Noble. Eagle-eared listeners will remember us mention JBR listener Darren as our 'kindest in the community' choice during the James Bond 25 Day Challenge episode, so we thought who better than ol' Dazzy Nobs to join us on this week's episode.

We'll be answering listener questions covering: The future of 007 post 'No Time To Die, whether serialised adventures are better than standalone stories, we reflect on Craig's Bondian legacy, ponder what one does with Blofeld once Daniel leaves, and much more.

Tune in for this week's 00-discussion.

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It’s time to bring 007 back to 1983 on this week’s, The Music of Bond.

John Barry returns for duty on Octopussy. As a film we’re firmly in tongue in cheek territory, but what of the score?

Tune in for discussion on the history of the music, a look behind the scenes and a track by track discussion of the original Octopussy soundtrack release.

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We are joined by an all-time legend on this week's episode of James Bond Radio.

The world's greatest stuntman, Vic Armstrong tells us all about his work on Bond (and beyond) over the years. From his first Bond appearance as a volcano ninja in You Only Live Twice, to doubling Bond in Live & Let Die, leaping off castle walls on horseback in Never Say Never Again, and many more. You'll hear the unlikely inspiration behind the Thames boat chase from The World is Not Enough. You'll hear stories of nasty injuries picked up in the line of duty, a Bond idea that made it into a non-Bond movie, and even Vic's thoughts on THAT scene from Die Another Day.

All this and more on this week's episode of James Bond Radio.

Note: A big thank you to Robert Sellers for helping put together this interview.

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On this week’s JBR: The Comics of Bond episode, Alan J. Porter chats with host Jack Lugo about Bond comics, his recent trip to Goldeneye, and his work restoring vehicles and props for the Ian Fleming Foundation.

Alan was an early guest of JBR in 2015 when he talked with Tom & Chris about his book James Bond: The History of the Illustrated 007. He is also the co-host of On Her Majesty’s Secret Podcast. Find out if the answers to any of Alan’s quick fire questions have changed and what he thinks about the latest Bond comics from Dynamite along with his thoughts on what the Bond franchise should do after No Time To Die. All this and more in this latest installment of JBR: The Comics of Bond.

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