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Dan Gale returns from the field for his second JBR documentary: You Only Live Splice.

This time it's a video only podcast exploring the editing work of everyone's favourite 80s Bond director, John Glen. Get ready to be blown away with some killer visuals, biting wit and more in-jokes than you could shake a Walther PPK at.

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Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas Bond fans! 

It's that time of year again. The fire is roaring, the presents have been opened, the family bickering has died down and it's time for some Bond. We have one hundred killer questions for you that will put your 007 skills to the test. Do you have what it takes?

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As a movie that divides opinion among Bond fans we thought we'd dig a little deeper into A View To A Kill this week. Before we turn the microphone over to the JBR listeners for our upcoming 'Listener Review' episode, we decided to seek out two proud defenders of the film.

First up we have Mark O'Connell, author of 'Catching Bullets: Memoirs of a Bond Fan,' who frequently cites AVTAK as his all-time favourite Bond film. We're also joined by Andrew McNess, who is so passionate about Bond 14, he wrote an entire book on the subject called 'A Close Look at A View To A Kill.' 

In addition to all the AVTAK talk we hear about Daniel Craig's recent on-stage performance in Othello. We get the full report from the recent JBR meet up in London and we hear about 'JBR South Coast Central's' first on-location meet up coming up early next year.

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On this week's Music Of Bond, hosts Warren and Chris chat about a real unsung hero of the James Bond franchise - the 007 Trumpeter Derek Watkins.

Derek has played on the soundtrack for every film from Dr. No to Skyfall, and has undoubtedly helped shape the sound of the films. We also speak to a colleague and Derek's widow Wendy about his unbelievable career.

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JBR is back to conclude our review of the final instalment of Roger Moore's Bond: A View To A Kill. This time it's all about Screamin'! Stacey Sutton, Murderous May Day, big ole blimps and The Golden Gate Bridge. 

Also hear the full report from Q The Music's recent gig at The Harlington Theatre. Stories from Sir Roger's "An Evening with..." tour and a whole lot more!

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It's the beginning of the end. Over the last 2 years we've been covering the Sir Roger Moore era of James Bond and it's finally coming to an end with A View To A Kill. It's a film that definitely divides opinion. It certainly has it's lovers but also those who aren't so keen. In his recent JBR interview even Sir Roger himself said "I didn't think it would be as good."

So, what's going on with AVTAK? Is it an underrated gem in the series or do it's detractors have a point? Let's get to the bottom of the AVTAK situation! Grab yourself a cuppa, put your feet up and let's go deep on A View To A Kill.

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Today on the Music Of Bond we look at the iconic James Bond Theme. We delve deep into the history of the tune and look at everything from the origins to the bitter battle for credit over who wrote it.

We also look at the 2001 court case between Monty Norman and The Times, with John Barry appearing as a star witness for the paper. Think you know everything about the James Bond Theme? Bet you don't!

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It's time to welcome Oscar winner Peter Lamont to JBR this week. As someone who worked on a total of 18 Bond films from Goldfinger to Casino Royale, we could have made 100 podcasts based on Peter's stories alone.

In today's episode we hear what it was like to work on some of cinemas all-time classic movie sets. We hear all about his time working alongside Ken Adam, taking over the top job on For Your Eyes Only, the terrifying story of being held onboard a hijacked plane during the filming of Octopussy and a whole lot more.

We're truly honoured to have Peter on the show this week, a truly lovely man and an  undisputed all-time Bond legend.

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This week we have some thing completely different for your aural pleasure. In the first of a monthly series of audio documentaries, new 00-JBR recruit Dan Gale takes us through the history of the James Bond audiobooks. That's right, this week you're actually going to learn something!

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Big shout out to JBR roving reporter Matthew Chernov this week for bagging a brief on-the-spot interview with the one and only Gloria Hendry aka Rosie Carver! We'll hear all about her recent jazz tribute to the music of Bond and a whole lot more.

Also we finally get around the the 4th instalment of our Mi6 Mailbag series where you the listener pose your questions to the JBR crew. We've got some doozies for you this week, so be sure to tune in to episode #109 of James Bond Radio.

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This week join Chris Wright and Warren Ringham for the first of a brand new monthly series for James Bond Radio: The Music Of Bond.

For our inaugural episode we have a fabulous, not-to-be-missed interview with Composer, Arranger, Orchestrator and Conductor Nic Raine.

Nic was John Barry's orchestrator in the later part of his career, orchestrating both A View To A Kill & The Living Daylights. As well as an insight into working with Barry, we chat to Nic about the process of writing a film score, and delve into the World of Bond music in general.

For those that don't already know, Warren is the man behind the world's greatest 007 tribute band, Q The Music. Be sure to grab your tickets for their show at The Harlington in Fleet on November 27th. A huge number of JBR listeners will be there along with Chris who will be hosting the online live stream.

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James Bond Radio is BACK with what can only be described as the best possible thing EVER!

Yes, that's right we actually got to talk Bond with the one and only Sir Roger Moore. We hear all about his famous backgammon sessions with Cubby Broccoli, watching Timothy Dalton play Bond for the first time and even Sir Roger's first turn as Bond back in 1964.
It's safe to say, if you only ever listen to one episode of James Bond Radio, make it this one.

Sir Roger is our on tour across the UK this autumn. Grab your tickets HERE before it's too late!

Enjoy :-)

Chris & Tom

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JBR returns tomorrow with a mystery guest. 

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This week Chris talks to special guest Rich Zakka on the show. Rich is the grandson of actor Timothy Moxon who you will all know as Commander John Strangways from Dr. No. We hear about his service during World War 2, life during Jamaica's jet set hey day of the late 50s and of course hear all about his role in the very first James Bond film. 


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You know what time it is... it's time to hear your thoughts and feelings on the eighties film that's wrapped in tentacles... Sir Roger's penultimate 007 adventure... Octopussy!!

Is it the perfect Sunday afternoon Bond or is it a joke too far? Is Sir Rog firing on all cylinders or should he have hung up his holster long ago? Is it a mission draped in action, adventure, charm and humour or is it just a secret agent in fancy dress? Why not kick back, slap the headphones on and listen to the most important people on the planet have their say... Bond fans of the world, we salute you!

[Reviews begin at: 28:28]

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It’s time to get your Octopussy on as JBR reviews part II of Sir Rog’s penultimate 007 adventure! So how does this 80s thriller hold up? Is it all gorilla suits and clown suits or does Bond hold his own against a mad General and a man who might truly be crowned as the Goldenvoiced Prince… “Octopussy… Octopussy.”

We also discuss the latest from the Bond comic book world and have some electrifying news about Q the Music’s upcoming show in November!

Sit back, relax and hopefully you won’t have any problems keeping it up!

Octopussy review begins at 30:15

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Hey hey! It's time for us to talk about one of the most divisive Bond films in the series. While many Bond fans deride the film due to clown suits and tarzan screams, others bask in it's high adventure. 
 So no matter where you land in the spectrum, be sure to put your feet up, pop your headphones in and get deep in some Octopussy action!

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We're back with a bonus mini-episode for you this week discussing the John Barry sound. Thanks to special guest Warren Ringham, we'll be learning all about what gives Barry that unmistakable Bondian sound.

We'll be back next week with part one of our Octopussy review!

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This week we're concluding our James Bond theme songs coverage with the help of seasoned Bond music professional; Warren Ringham.

As the band leader of the super popular Bond tribute show Q The Music, Warren has a very close relationship with the songs of Bond. Having performed them night after night for years his insight into the inner workings of the songs is truly fascinating. As the band of choice for September's Bond stars event at Pinewood, Q The Music will be performing to the who's who of Bond royalty even Bond music heavyweights Monty Norman and Don Black!

You'll be hearing the songs of Bond in an entirely new way after listening to this week's podcast. 

Don't forget to check out qthemusicshow.com for more info about the band and be sure to grab tickets to their show at The Harlington in Fleet on November 27th.

[Interview Begins at 31:44]

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It's time to conclude our coverage of the theme songs of Bond. This week we'll be going from Octopussy's All Time High all the way through to SPECTRE's Writings on the Wall. 

Also we talk Tom's recent trip to Vegas, The Man With The Golden Typewriter, the latest Bond 25 rumours and a whole lot more!

Song reviews begin at: 47:17.

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This week we're back with our first look at the songs of Bond. Starting off with Dr. No, through to Sheena Easton's, For Your Eyes Only.
 Be warned, Tom and Chris get a little too passionate during this episode. If the sound of two grown men dry humping each other to the sound of On Her Majesty's Secret Service might offend you, then it's probably best to skip this one.

PLUS: Operation Kid Brother, Daniel Craig quits in the news, Thrilling Cities, JBR in Philadelphia & Chicago and more.

Song reviews begin at: 36:46.

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It’s our 100th episode!!!

This week we have a killer episode for you with our special celebrity guests, Madeline Smith (aka Live & Let Die’s "Miss Caruso). We talk Bond and Live & Let Die. We get the skinny on what it’s like to be in bed with Sir Roger Moore and whole lot more.
 Aside from the world of 007, we hear what it was like growing up and getting 'noticed’ in the 60s. We discuss Maddy’s other TV and film credits including The Two Ronnies, The Vampire Lovers and The Persuaders.

We also bid farewell to legendary members of the James Bond family Guy Hamilton and Peter Jansen-Smith. We talk this years Bondstars event at Pinewood and the first official JBR family offshoot based in Los Angeles.

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Who is the celebrity guest on this week's 100th episode of James Bond Radio?

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This week we're answering listener questions, with subjects including: Our 3 most under-rated Bond films, potential future Bond girls, Bond actors swapping films, the potential darker side of Brosnan's Bond, how to introduce your mrs to Bond...and a question about Bond girls that's far too inappropriate to reproduce in text.

In addition, we hear all about the recent London JBR meet up to see The Spy Who Loved Me on the big screen and we reveal the winner of the Red Grant vs Necros Celebrity Deathmatch!

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Interview begins at: 28:15

This week we'd like to welcome Alan Tomkins to the show. An art department legend, his contribution to the Bond series stretches from Dr. No all the way to Casino Royale. If that wasn't enough for you, his film credits include The Empire Strikes Back, Saving Private Ryan, Batman Begins and many more classic films. Be sure to tune in to today's episode of JBR for some amazing on-set stories. 


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It's time to let the people speak once again!

After the success of our listener 90 second review episode during the 30 days of SPECTRE, we thought we'd start a new tradition off at JBR with a listener takeover for every one of our film reviews. 

In addition to the listener reviews we also discuss the passing of Bond legends Sir Ken Adam and Sir George Martin. We look at SPECTRE's recent wins at the Empire Film awards and we run a special one-off edition of Bond Celebrity Deathmatch.

Don't miss this week's episode of James Bond Radio!

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JBR returns this week to conclude our review of Sir Roger Moores' 5th Bond outing, For Your Eyes Only. Picking up where we left off just after the death of Ferrara we discuss Roger's darkest moment with the cold blooded killing of Locke, we look at Bond's latest ally, Columbo and we talk about one of the most memorable climbing sequences ever. 

Not only are we balls deep in For Your Eyes Only this week, we also crown the ultimate winner of the Bond Celebrity Deathmatch tournament. Don't miss this week's episode of James Bond Radio.

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2015 was “The Year of Sir Roger.” 2016 is the year of Sir Roger continued with our latest film review: For Your Eyes Only. After the mammoth amount of SPECTRE coverage we provided last year it feels good to step back in time to the first Bond film of the 80s.

This time we Sir Rog trade outer space for a good old fashioned, Fleming-infused spy romp. This is without doubt Roger’s grittiest entry in the series but what the JBR crew think? Do we miss the bright yellow banana suit? Do we find ourselves pining for the more outrageous side of the big man? Find out in today’s episode of James Bond Radio.

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It's 2016 and James Bond Radio is back with a kiss kiss bang bang!

To celebrate, we've invited 5 of our listeners onto the show to talk all things Bond. We have Canada's James Bond Expert, Murray Gillespie. From Essex, we have Roger Moore's biggest fan, Simon Uskuri. All the way from Florida we have Jeff Pollock. From Northern Ireland we have Tom Barwick and finally from the Washington DC area, we have The Bantering Boh himself, Brian Thomas.

We also see the return of Bond Celebrity Deathmatch with a killer semi-final matchup and all your favourite Bond games, including a brand new round of 'Tommy Trivia.'

Don't miss it!

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To round out our second year of JBR podcasting we thought we'd put together a little video to highlight just how unprofessional we really are.

Warning: Features MUCH foul language!

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