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It's time to let the people speak once again!

After the success of our listener 90 second review episode during the 30 days of SPECTRE, we thought we'd start a new tradition off at JBR with a listener takeover for every one of our film reviews. 

In addition to the listener reviews we also discuss the passing of Bond legends Sir Ken Adam and Sir George Martin. We look at SPECTRE's recent wins at the Empire Film awards and we run a special one-off edition of Bond Celebrity Deathmatch.

Don't miss this week's episode of James Bond Radio!

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JBR returns this week to conclude our review of Sir Roger Moores' 5th Bond outing, For Your Eyes Only. Picking up where we left off just after the death of Ferrara we discuss Roger's darkest moment with the cold blooded killing of Locke, we look at Bond's latest ally, Columbo and we talk about one of the most memorable climbing sequences ever. 

Not only are we balls deep in For Your Eyes Only this week, we also crown the ultimate winner of the Bond Celebrity Deathmatch tournament. Don't miss this week's episode of James Bond Radio.

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