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On today's show, we talk to James Bond author Raymond Benson. In our first celebrity interview, we hear all about the process behind writing a Bond novel, from the research, to outlining the story. We hear the incredible story behind how Raymond got the job, the amazing travel stories and his friendship with a certain Mr. Hugh Hefner. Do not miss this episode!

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Thunderball, the second most successful Bond movie of all time, after Skyfall. Today, we go in depth in an epic 2 hour episode, discussing the movie scene by scene. We reveal the long lasting mystery of what a "Thunderball" actually is, what we think about Largo's henchman Vargas and even the weird multiple cuts of Thunderball there are floating around.

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On today's episode, we talk to Hollywood supremo and 'Shaken, Not Stirred' author Aaron Cooley. We talk about his book, his work with director Joel Schumacher and of course, his love of Bond. 

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