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Merry Christmas Bond fans!

It’s time for the 6th annual Big James Bond Boxing Day Bonanza Quiz. We have 100 fiendishly challenging questions to put you to the test.

Unlike previous years, this time Tom will be joined by 3 brave listeners who'll be battling it out to be crowned the 2019 Bond Mastermind Quiz Champion.

How big is your Bondian brain? Take the 2019 Big Bond Boxing Day Quiz challenge and find out!

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James Bond Radio is back with one of the most memorable Bond villains ever.

That’s right, we're talking Licence To Kill with Robert Davi. We hear him go deep on his time preparing for the role of Franz Sanchez. We hear about his nights on the town with Timothy Dalton, how Frank Sinatra himself put in a good word for him with Cubby, and much more.

Don't miss this week's episode of James Bond Radio.

Robert regularly tours with his tribute to the songs of Frank Sinatra and the American Songbook. Dates are coming up in New York, Los Angeles and around the world.

Find out more and book your tickets HERE before it’s too late!

JBR would like to thank our 'other' man in LA, Matthew Chernov for making this happen. To hear Matthew interview Robert's Licence To Kill co-star, Grand L. Bush, click here.

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Who's it going to be?

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It's time to visit outer space on this week's The Music of Bond.

John Barry returns after Marvin Hamlisch's, The Spy Who Loved Me score to take the reigns on Moonraker. As a film it's often the butt of a joke or two, but what of the score?

Tune in for discussion on the history of the music, a look behind the scenes and a track by track discussion of the original Moonraker soundtrack release.

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It's that time again. The 007 rollercoaster has begun and the JBR family are all aboard. After today's trailer reveal, 00s Sears, Williams, Dobson and Gale discuss all things No Time To Die with a frame by frame review.

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