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James Bond Radio is back with the first of a two parter looking at the world of collecting 007. This week we're talking to Zaritsky, David Zaritsky, who you'll have most probably seen on youtube or his website TheBondExperience.com talking about the clothes of Bond and showing off his awesome basement that's stuffed to the rafters with Bond memorabilia.

We also run through the usual gauntlet of listener messages and emails. We discuss Daniel's dodgy knee and we announce the JBR listener's choice award for the ultimate Bond villain.

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The year of Sir Roger continues at James Bond Radio this week with our review of the big man's second 007 outing, The Man With The Golden Gun. This film does tend to divide opinion among Bond fans, with some hailing it as a classic and some calling it Roger's weakest. What will be the JBR verdict? Tune in to find out!

Also, after Chris finally watched the brand new SPECTRE trailer, we talk at length about what we saw and what we hope we'll see in the finished film. We have our usual round of Bond chat, along with what seems to be developing into a full scale Bond game show at the end of each episode. Don't miss Bond Trivia, Guess The Quote, Complete The Lyric, Guess The Music Q and the first installment of James Bond Celebrity Deathmatch!

It's all happening on James Bond Radio!

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