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This week we're joined by author, Mark Edlitz, the man behind the new book 'The Many Lives of James Bond.'

Lots of people love James Bond. But how many have actually been Bond? The Many Lives of James Bond offers the largest ever collection of original interviews with actors who have played Bond in different media, as well as in-depth interviews with many of the diverse artists who have contributed their talents to the making of James Bond movies, television shows, novels, radio dramas, comic books, and video games.

These wide-ranging interviews provide a behind-the-scenes look at the artists' goals, the challenges they faced, and how they met them This book is also the first to examine the Bond character through eyes of the artists who interpret him. As the author talked with these creative people, a through line emerged. It involves a series of related fundamental questions about Bond that artists must reckon with when interpreting Bond.

Who is James Bond and what, if anything, beyond successfully completing a mission does he really want? What drives him? Why did he become an agent? What is the nature of his inner-life? Would he be capable of a satisfying life away from high-octane adventure and danger?

These questions challenge and inspire the creators to pull back the curtain on a deliberately opaque figure in an attempt to explore and analyze Bond's interior life and thought processes, and how the Bond actors have interpreted the role.

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In the second part of our Secret Cinema review, Tom is joined by two brothers from Langley - Being James Bond's, Joe Darlington, and David Zaritsky from The Bond Experience. Find out about Tom and David's encounter at the poker table with Le Chiffre. Discover how Joe got caught in the crossfire when Felix Leiter ended up in a gun fight, and much more in this episode of James Bond Radio.

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00s Sears, Dobson and Gale return to talk about their adventures had inside this summer's Casino Royale Secret Cinema. In the first of a double bill episode, you'll hear tales of Brian smooth talking his way into the VIP lounge. You'll discover what happened to Dan after receiving a secret message in a phone booth. And, you'll learn how Vesper's tragic end was all Tom's fault. 

Don't miss this week's episode of James Bond Radio.

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This week, we're joined by John Richardson, the Oscar-winning special effects supervisor and designer, who has been involved in over 100 movies, including nine James Bond films. Not only that, he's also been involved in a whole host of cinema classics including Aliens, Superman, The Omen, all eight Harry Potter films, and many, many more.

With over five decades of moviemaking under his belt, John recently released his book which lifts the lid on his fascinating career called: Making Movie Magic.

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For the latest episode of The Comics of Bond, Jack Lugo interviews writer Van Jensen.

We talk about Dynamite Comics' Live & Let Die adaptation, we find out Van’s answers to the 007 quickfire questions, and learn all about his work on the Bond comics.

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The Music of Bond returns this week with Tom and JW exploring No Time To Die’s composer, Dan Romer.

We look at Dan’s history in the business, and listen to some of his previous efforts from Cary Fukunaga’s, 'Maniac' to his work on 'FarCry 5.'

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