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James Bond Radio Podcast #039:

James Bond Radio is back with our review of the very first 007 continuation novel 'Colonel Sun.' We're going in deep on this one talking about everything from the quality of the opening line, the villain's plot to Bond's eagerness in the bedroom!

Also we talk about the latest SPECTRE news with the latest photos and video of an action sequence shooting on the river Thames. We look at Mr. Hinx's signature handgun and we ponder the all important question of whether Daniel's Bond would or should smoke on screen. 

It's all happening this week in episode #039 of James Bond Radio.

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We're back with part two of our Bond collectors coverage. This time Chris talks to Guiness world record holder, Nick Bennett, famed for having the largest collection of Bond memorabilia in the entire world. Chris was lucky enough to be granted access to the hidden underground lair to see the collection and spent an hour with Nick talking all things Bond.

We have all the latest SPECTRE news and speculation with some absolutely intriguing little nuggets found on the SPECTRE IMdb page. All we're saying is that maybe Christoph isn't Blofeld after all?

Also don't forget to stick around for the 007 "gameshow" that closes each show. You'll get your regular dose of Bond Trivia, Guess the Quote, Complete The Lyric, Guess The Music Q and Bond Celebrity Deathmatch.

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