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It's time for part 4 of '30 Days of No Time To Die.'


In today's episode, Tom & Chris discuss Billie Eilish's theme tune, and the accompanying title sequence visuals. How does the song and visuals match up to Daniel's other entries? Find out in today's podcast.

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JBR's exploration of Christopher Wood's 'James Bond & Moonraker' continues.

Read by Dan Gale & Tom Sears.

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JBR's exploration of Christopher Wood's 'James Bond & Moonraker' continues.

Read by Dan Gale & Tom Sears.

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JBR returns with the long awaited follow up to our audiobook recording of Christopher Wood's, 'The Spy Who Loved Me' novelisation. Every week over the summer we'll be releasing 2 chapters of Christopher Wood's Moonraker.

Read by Dan Gale & Tom Sears.

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In the 4th and final instalment of this year's anniversary episodes, John Williams is joined by 3 more intrepid listeners to talk the music of Bond. We're joined by - Logan Morford (Kentucky, USA), Marty O'Dwyer (Kansas City, USA) and Pablo Schaffner (Sydney, Australia).

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Oh my goodness me! On this week's edition of JBR we're joined by Bibi Dahl herself, Lynn-Holly Johnson. We hear all about her days as a competitive athlete, her run-ins with Steven Spielberg and of course her time working on For Your Eyes Only.
Do not miss this episode of James Bond Radio. Now...go put your clothes on and we'll buy you an ice cream ;-)
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This week JBR was invited onto the Penny Smith DriveTime Show on London's TalkRADIO to discuss Bond...and more specifically the latest resurgence of the Idris Elba rumours.

You can tune in to TalkRADIO around the world at TalkRadio.co.uk

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JBR returns with part 3 of our read through and commentary of Christopher Wood's, The Spy Who Loved Me.

This week we visit Stromberg's laboratory, become embroiled in an underwater battle and meet the crew of the US Navy's finest submarine, The USS Wayne.

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The Music of Bond's John Williams is flying solo this week with an interview with Neil S. Bulk. As co-producer of the recently released Die Another Day Expanded Soundtrack, Neil gives us an inside look at the album. 

As a classic movie soundtrack album producer, Neil has been involved with Tim Burton's Batman movies, The Naked Gun trilogy and even Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

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It's time to conclude our coverage of the James Bond movie trailers, on JBR this week. Picking up where we left off with Octopussy, we go through every remaining trailer right up to SPECTRE. There are plenty of intriguing unused nuggets with lines of dialogue, judo chops and alternate shots that don't show up in the final films.

We also look at some of the latest news and rumours and we explore potential titles for Bond 25. We dig deep with a look at Fleming's work and all the continuation authors. Are there some awesome titles hiding in plain site? Find out on this week's episode of James Bond Radio.

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Dan Gale returns from the field for his second JBR documentary: You Only Live Splice.

This time it's a video only podcast exploring the editing work of everyone's favourite 80s Bond director, John Glen. Get ready to be blown away with some killer visuals, biting wit and more in-jokes than you could shake a Walther PPK at.

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JBR returns tomorrow with a mystery guest. 

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This week we're answering listener questions, with subjects including: Our 3 most under-rated Bond films, potential future Bond girls, Bond actors swapping films, the potential darker side of Brosnan's Bond, how to introduce your mrs to Bond...and a question about Bond girls that's far too inappropriate to reproduce in text.

In addition, we hear all about the recent London JBR meet up to see The Spy Who Loved Me on the big screen and we reveal the winner of the Red Grant vs Necros Celebrity Deathmatch!

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It's a red letter day for Bond fans across the world today with the big reveal of SPECTRE's title song, Writing's on the Wall by Sam Smith. The JBR team thought we'd leap into action and record a special emergency podcast dedicated to the new song, with a section by section break down, lyrical discussions and more!

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James Bond Radio Podcast #039:

James Bond Radio is back with our review of the very first 007 continuation novel 'Colonel Sun.' We're going in deep on this one talking about everything from the quality of the opening line, the villain's plot to Bond's eagerness in the bedroom!

Also we talk about the latest SPECTRE news with the latest photos and video of an action sequence shooting on the river Thames. We look at Mr. Hinx's signature handgun and we ponder the all important question of whether Daniel's Bond would or should smoke on screen. 

It's all happening this week in episode #039 of James Bond Radio.

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After yesterday's release of the first behind the scenes footage of SPECTRE, I thought I'd jump on for a quick SPECTRE SPECIAL REPORT!

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Welcome to episode 1 of James Bond Radio. In today's episode we introduce ourselves and talk about what Bond means to us. What we love about Bond, what we don't love about Bond and everything in between.

We'd love it if you could spread the word about James Bond Radio whether that's tweeting/sharing/posting or good old fashioned word of mouth.

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