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2015 was “The Year of Sir Roger.” 2016 is the year of Sir Roger continued with our latest film review: For Your Eyes Only. After the mammoth amount of SPECTRE coverage we provided last year it feels good to step back in time to the first Bond film of the 80s.

This time we Sir Rog trade outer space for a good old fashioned, Fleming-infused spy romp. This is without doubt Roger’s grittiest entry in the series but what the JBR crew think? Do we miss the bright yellow banana suit? Do we find ourselves pining for the more outrageous side of the big man? Find out in today’s episode of James Bond Radio.

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It's 2016 and James Bond Radio is back with a kiss kiss bang bang!

To celebrate, we've invited 5 of our listeners onto the show to talk all things Bond. We have Canada's James Bond Expert, Murray Gillespie. From Essex, we have Roger Moore's biggest fan, Simon Uskuri. All the way from Florida we have Jeff Pollock. From Northern Ireland we have Tom Barwick and finally from the Washington DC area, we have The Bantering Boh himself, Brian Thomas.

We also see the return of Bond Celebrity Deathmatch with a killer semi-final matchup and all your favourite Bond games, including a brand new round of 'Tommy Trivia.'

Don't miss it!

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